Update PF Date of Exit / Date of Leaving in Provident Fund (PF) Employee member portal

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Update PF Date of Exit / Date of Leaving in Provident Fund (PF) Employee member portal

Sometimes employer does not update the Date of leaving / Date of Exit of the member. In such cases, Employee / Member is not able to withdraw EPF or file transfer claim or final settlement claim. To overcome this problem a provision has been provided in the member login so that the member himself can update his date of Exit or Date of leaving. Member can update his/her date of Exit / Date of leaving only after two months of his/her last contribution received from the Employer / establishment. Date of exit should be within the last wage month for which contribution was received. This functionality has been deployed at Member Portal.
Following are the steps to use this functionality:

Manage>>Member Exit
(URL: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/)
> Please enter the User ID(UAN) and Password for login.
EPF member portal
> Select the option “Member Exit” (Manage>>Member Exit)
> Select the PF Account number from the field “Select Employment”.
select employer
> Enter the  Date of Exit in the field “Select Date of Exit (EPF) and “Re-select Date of Exit (EPF).
> Select the reason of exit from the field “Select reason of Exit”.
> Click on option “Request OTP”. OTP will be received on Aadhaar linked Mobile Number.
> Enter the OTP in the field “Enter aadhaar based OTP”.
> Select the checkbox by clicking and submit.
Enter Date of Exit in pf
> Click on “Update” button in “Alert”.
Confirm Date of Exit in pf
> Click on “OK” button in “Alert”.
Date of Exit update success page
> Date of Exit updated successfully. See the “Date of Exit seeding history”.
Date of Exit History

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Rate of contribution under the ESI Act reduced from 6.5% to 4%

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Update : Government of India: Rate of contribution under the ESI Act has been reduced from 6.5% to 4% (employers’ contribution reduced from 4.75% to 3.25% & employees’ contribution reduced from 1.75% to 0.75%). Reduced rates will be effective from 1st July 2019.

Click here to download the Gazette copy.

ESIC  today issued a Press note stating that the government has approved the reduced the rate of contribution.

However this reduced rate of contribution is to be notified through a final notification in the gazette. Only then it attains legal force and can be implemented.

Some media reports say that the reduced  rate of contribution will be  effective from 1st July 2019. But until the gazette notification is published in black and white, it should not be taken into consideration for implementation.

Hence let us wait for the publication of the gazette notification before taking a call on its implementation.

How to make profession tax payment online on mahagst.gov.in FY 2018-19

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How to make profession tax payment online on mahagst.gov.in FY 2018-19

We have to inform you that, the last date of payment of profession tax for FY 2018-19 is 30th June 2018. You are requested to pay the profession tax before due date.

Since the system for professional tax payment shifted to new SAP based website; the clients and even banks are facing problem in making online payment. Therefore, to facilitate e-payment and to save your time, we have prepared guide for making e-payment of profession Tax.

We have prepared to step by step process guidance for making profession tax payment. We are sure that this would certainly help you in making payment.

New process to make Profession Tax Payment FY 2018-19:

1. Visit https://mahagst.gov.in/

2. At the Top of page there is option to convert website text to English, please Click on the same and now you will see website in English

3. Scroll down and you will find eight square boxes having various service options under the Welcome / Suswagata

4. Scrolls and take your cursor to 'e-payments' box (don't click). And from the available 3 options click on 1st option 'Advance Payment"

5. Now on next screen: From the available options (TIN, PAN, TAN & Old Act); chose PAN (Click on circle opposite to PAN.

6. Enter your PAN (i.e. PAN of proprietor, professional, director or Company etc.) in given box. You can also enter your PTE number if you remember it by clicking on TIN.

7. Enter the Captcha text properly in empty box below that. (you can generate new Captcha if text not easy to understand) Then Click on Next

8. Now your PTE number will appear along with name confirm the same.

9. In ACT option - Select --- PTEC ACT

10. In Form ID - Select ---- Form_VIII

11. In Financial Year - Select ----- 2018-2019

12. In Period - select ----- April 2018-March 2019

13. In Location – Select- Mazgaon (from drop down list.)(Other district in case your number from other city)

14. In Amount (INR) – Enter ---- 2500 (or applicable amount)

15. In mobile NO. – You can enter/alter if you want different number or keep existing

16. Then confirm all the details entered and CLICK on "Proceed for Payment"

17. AT next Screen – Select "Agree" option at the top-middle of the screen

18. Then Click on SBI ePay (or GRAS if your bank is not supported by SBI epay)

19. Then Click on "Proceed" at the right-bottom side of screen

20. Then the draft challan will appear on screen. Confirm the details of challan

21. Then click on "Make Payment" option at the center-bottom of screen

22. At next Screen " Click on "Internet Banking" option at the centre of screen

23. If your bank is SBI Click on SBI Symbol or Chose bank from drop down menu under 'All Banks"

24. After Choosing your bank Click on "Pay Now" (You will be charged with Rs. 11.80 (extra by bank as service charges)

25. Now you will be taken to 'internet banking' page of your bank

26. Enter your user id and password and make payment

27. After making payment wait to get the challan generated. Don't close or refresh after making payment. Print and save the challan generated.

How to Submit PF withdrawal Claims online

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How to Submit PF withdrawal Claims online

How to Submit PF withdrawal Claims online

Employees Provident Fund Organisation

Process Flow for submission of PF online claims

1) Prerequisites :
a. Activate UAN with mobile number
b. Link Aadhaar with UAN
c. Bank A/C Number & IFSC Code should be digitally approved by the employer
2) Go to EPFO Website (www.epfindia.gov.in) Select "Our Services" => "For Employees"
    => "Member UAN / Online services (OCS/OTCP)" (or)
    Got to "Online Claims member A/C transfer" option in Home page.
3) You will be direct to "member e-SEWA" Portal
4) Enter UAN, Password, captcha & sign in
5) After login, member details will be displayed in the Right hand side
6) Aadhaar & Bank A/C details should be approved by the employer for submitting online claim
7) Claim can be submitted through "online services" option provided your aadhaar should be verified with UIDAI ("Verified by UIDAI" will appear green in colour)
8) Go to "Online Services" option. Select "Form 19,10c,31" for withdrawals or "one member one EPF A/C" for transfer from one EPF A/C to another A/c
9) Basic details will appear. Enter last four digits of bank A/C number & press "verify" button to verify your bank A/C number
10) Accept the terms & Conditions, then your basic details will appear on the screen
11) OTP will be sent to Aadhaar registered mobile number
12) Enter the OTP & submit the Claim.

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EPF Provident Fund Correction of Name , DOB and Gender online process

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It has been noticed that many EPF (Provident Fund) members and Employers are facing problems in seeding Aadhaar Number with UAN as there is a mismatch in Employee Name, DOB or Gender between Aadhaar data and UAN data. Even a minor letter or an extra space between names is generating the mismatch error between Aadhaar Data and Name Data. Previously member and employer were required to give joint request to concerned EPFO field office for correction in basic details along with various proofs for the same.

Now, this request of Correction in Name, Date of Birth (DOB) and Gender can be given online by the member and the same can be approved by Employer and be forwarded online to the concerned EPFO office.

Find Below the Step by step process to request EPF Name Correction , DOB and Gender as per Aadhaar online :

Step 1: Member will need to login through his UAN and Password on EPF Member Interface of Unified Portal ( Member should have activated UAN to access this portal )


Step 1 EPF Member Login page

Step 2: On the Menu bar , Click on “ Manage > Modify Basic Details ”.

Step 2 Modify Basic Details in EPF

Step 3: Here provide the correct details such as Name , DOB and Gender as per Aadhaar Card you want to link with UAN (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI - Aadhaar Data)

Step 3 Provident fund Name Correction online

Step 4: On clicking “Update Details” on the previous screen, the request will be submitted to the employer for further approval. Before submission by employer, employee can withdraw the request by pressing “Delete Request” or the cross mark in the Action Column. He can also see the details of the changes by clicking on view (magnifying glass icon) in the details column. The present status of Changes will be " Pending at Employer ".

Step 4 Name Correction Status

Step 5: Employer will need to login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal


Step 5 EPF Employer Login

Step 6: Employer can view all the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member > Details Change Request”

Step 6 EPF Employer modify Basic details

Step 7: Employer can view the online requests received from employees and can then take appropriate action such as approving or rejecting by giving the proper remark.

Step 7 EPF Basic details approval

Step 8: After approval of the request, the request is sent to the concerned EPF Office for further process and the employer can see the latest status of the request.

Step 8 EPF Basic Details change Status

Step 9: After approval of the request by the employer, the request will appear as a task in login of Dealing Hand, of concerned EPFO office, in the Field Office Interface of Unified Portal.

Step 9

Step 10: Dealing Hand can now login and view the online change requests by clicking “Member > Details Change Request”

Step 10

Step 11: After due verification Dealing Hand can submit his/her recommendations to Section Supervisor.

The Dealing Assistant can put the case either for Approval or Rejection by selecting the appropriate radio button i.e. Recommended for Approval or Recommended for Rejection with proper remarks.

In the same manner, Section Supervisor can submit his/her recommendations to APFC/RPFC.

Step 11

Step 12: Finally APFC/RPFC can Approve/Reject the case.

Step 12

This is the Complete process for online Name Correction , DOB correction and Gender Correction along with seeding Aadhaar number to your Providend Fund UAN.

Provident Fund ( PF ) - Name / DOB / Gender Mismatch with Aadhaar

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Name & DOB matters of PAN & Aadhaar linking with PF UAN.

It is a matter of concern for the Employees and Employers of the establishments that the Government is insisting upon linking of Aadhaar for every benefit. Now, HR Recruitment division of Establishments should ensure that they recruit only those persons whose Name and Date of Birth are same in all Government related documents. If not, the statutory compliance of such Employees may become a problem. EPFO has made it mandatory from 1st July, 2017.

So, the Employees should first ensure that Name and Date of Birth should be matched exactly with each Alphabet/Number in the following Government related matters:-
Bank account

Also, the HR of Establishments has to use the same Name and Date of Birth in the Service Records of Employees in Company.

In case it is not same, the Employee has to first decide how his Name/DOB should appear in records. Then approach Income tax/Aadhaar/EPFO/ESIC departments for necessary corrections. This may take one to two months for effecting corrections as it has to undergo certain Government procedures as per Guidelines issued. It may also be ensured that Father’s/Spouse name also be same in all records stated above.

Name change requires Gazette notification of State Government. However, for a Surname change of a lady after marriage, Marriage Registration certificate is sufficient.

For example, in case of EPFO, I am enclosing herewith a specimen format in which such correction of Name and Date of birth of Employee can be done. It is called ‘Joint Declaration’ letter, to be signed by both Employer and Employee, printing it on the letter head of the Establishment. The letter should be enclosed with copies of PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Passbook/Cheque having printed name on it, Appointment letter/Company ID, all self signed, ensuring that details in all these documents are same.  This has to be submitted to EPFO office and acknowledgement taken.

For the officials of EPFO, it has become an additional work, as there are now 5 crore EPF subscribers in India and majority of employees are sending such Joint Declaration letters through their employers to EPFO. It takes time for effecting such correction as the permission is to be taken from Regional PF Commissioner for correction. The correction has been done or not can be verified in the EPF Passbook of the Employees.

Provident Fund Payment Status and Receipt using TRRN

Provident Fund payment by employers is now accepted online only and not any more through banks as it was earlier accepted before December 2016. Provident Fund online challan generation and payment is now done through EPFO - Unified Portal only. Even for the payment of the monthly PF Challan, one has to login to the EPFO - Unified Portal. Now even after your PF Challan Payment online, the status of payment is under process and is not reflected immediately. So one is not sure if the payment for the PF Challan for the month has been accepted or rejected. To check this you will have to login again and see after some time. But there is a way one can check the status of the PF Challan payment without login using the TRRN no. of the challan. Here you can also take the printout of the PF Challan payment receipt without actually logging in into the EPFO portal for records.

Below are the steps to Check Payment Status and get PF payment receipt using TRRN no.

Go to the Employer Provident Fund site : https://www.epfindia.com
Here in the Our Services Section, Click on the link "For Employers" as shown below.

EPF Home Page
Now in the Services Section, you can see two link "TRRN Query (Upto December, 2016)" and "EPFO Establishment Search / TRRN Query".

TRRN Search
Suppose you want to see status of your PF payment for which the challan had been generated before December 2016 then you will have to click the Link "TRRN Query (Upto December, 2016)"
Here you will enter your TRRN no. and the captcha to see the status of the PF Challan payment as shown. You can also download the status as a PDF.

TRRN Old data
Now to see the PF Challan payment status of the Challan prepared after December 2016, you will have to click the link "EPFO Establishment Search / TRRN Query" in the services section.
After clicking on the link you will see a page as below, where you will have to click on the TRRN Search Query link.

TRRN Query Link
Now you can see the page where you have to enter your TRRN along with the Captcha and click on Search button.

TRRN input
Clicking on the search button will provide you the status of the PF Challan with TRRN number you entered along with other information such as Challan generated on, Establishment ID, Establishment Name, Challan Type, Total Members, Amount, Payment Confirmation Bank, CRN, Payment confirmed on and some more as shown below.

PF Payment Receipt
Here you can also Click on the Download PDF button on the upper right corner as shown above to download the receipt of payment and status of the PF Challan as shown below to keep for your records.

PF Payment Receipt PDF
This is how you can get the Provident Fund payment receipt and status using TRRN number.