Maternity Benefit available for ESIC Covered Employees


Maternity Benefit available for ESIC Covered Employees

Did you know that if an employee is a regularly contributing ESIC Member, she can avail the entire maternity benefit payment from the ESI Corporation. In other words, an employer need not bear the maternity benefit burden in case an employee is covered under ESIC and has contributed for at least 70 days in the immediately preceding one or two contribution periods.

Quantum of Benefit Amount

Around 26 weeks of wages (six months salary) is payable to an eligible employee by the ESIC under this provision. The employer is not liable to pay any amount towards the maternity benefit to such employee.

Documentation and Procedure

Step 1 : Check Eligibility - An employee can check the ESIC benefits eligibility at the link given below. Please note that the link can be opened from Mozilla Firefox.

Here, User Id is Employees IP No

Step 2 : ESIC Branch Office - Once the employee is eligible for the benefit, she has to approach nearest ESIC Branch office for completing the paperwork. The list of Branch offices is given below(Mozilla Firefox only).

Step 3 : Document Submission and Follow up
Once the branch office is traced, the employee is expected to submit the following set of documents.

To avail the benefits, employee will have to submit a claim form and Form L in person to the ESIC office along with the other docs mentioned in the list. On Production of birth certificate ESIC office will share necessary forms (Form 10 and Form L) for availing the benefit.

Documents Required:

1) MB certificates with Doctor's sign and stamp
2) MB final certificate after delivery (within one month)
3) IW's(Insured Women) bank details with A/C No. and MICR No. (with changed name after marriage) Cancelled cheque
4) Xerox copy of ESIC card
5) Baby's original birth certificate from corporation
6) Hospital discharge summary Xerox
7) Insured woman(IW) name should be the same on all documents
8) Xerox copy Aadhar
9) Claim form (Issued By Branch Office and to be submitted after delivery in person)
10) Form 10 (Issued By Branch Office, filled by employer and to be submitted)
11) L1 (Issued By Branch Office and to be submitted after delivery in person)