How to make profession tax payment online on FY 2018-19

How to make profession tax payment online on FY 2018-19

We have to inform you that, the last date of payment of profession tax for FY 2018-19 is 30th June 2018. You are requested to pay the profession tax before due date.

Since the system for professional tax payment shifted to new SAP based website; the clients and even banks are facing problem in making online payment. Therefore, to facilitate e-payment and to save your time, we have prepared guide for making e-payment of profession Tax.

We have prepared to step by step process guidance for making profession tax payment. We are sure that this would certainly help you in making payment.

New process to make Profession Tax Payment FY 2018-19:

1. Visit

2. At the Top of page there is option to convert website text to English, please Click on the same and now you will see website in English

3. Scroll down and you will find eight square boxes having various service options under the Welcome / Suswagata

4. Scrolls and take your cursor to 'e-payments' box (don't click). And from the available 3 options click on 1st option 'Advance Payment"

5. Now on next screen: From the available options (TIN, PAN, TAN & Old Act); chose PAN (Click on circle opposite to PAN.

6. Enter your PAN (i.e. PAN of proprietor, professional, director or Company etc.) in given box. You can also enter your PTE number if you remember it by clicking on TIN.

7. Enter the Captcha text properly in empty box below that. (you can generate new Captcha if text not easy to understand) Then Click on Next

8. Now your PTE number will appear along with name confirm the same.

9. In ACT option - Select --- PTEC ACT

10. In Form ID - Select ---- Form_VIII

11. In Financial Year - Select ----- 2018-2019

12. In Period - select ----- April 2018-March 2019

13. In Location – Select- Mazgaon (from drop down list.)(Other district in case your number from other city)

14. In Amount (INR) – Enter ---- 2500 (or applicable amount)

15. In mobile NO. – You can enter/alter if you want different number or keep existing

16. Then confirm all the details entered and CLICK on "Proceed for Payment"

17. AT next Screen – Select "Agree" option at the top-middle of the screen

18. Then Click on SBI ePay (or GRAS if your bank is not supported by SBI epay)

19. Then Click on "Proceed" at the right-bottom side of screen

20. Then the draft challan will appear on screen. Confirm the details of challan

21. Then click on "Make Payment" option at the center-bottom of screen

22. At next Screen " Click on "Internet Banking" option at the centre of screen

23. If your bank is SBI Click on SBI Symbol or Chose bank from drop down menu under 'All Banks"

24. After Choosing your bank Click on "Pay Now" (You will be charged with Rs. 11.80 (extra by bank as service charges)

25. Now you will be taken to 'internet banking' page of your bank

26. Enter your user id and password and make payment

27. After making payment wait to get the challan generated. Don't close or refresh after making payment. Print and save the challan generated.